The Gjøvik house - Norm Architects

             "An hour north of Oslo, located on a majestic hill side facing
               the Norwegian woods and Mjøsa lake, lies the Gjøvik house; 
             a modern and minimal cluster house created by Norm Architects."

The latest design of Norm Architects (leaded by Linda Korndal) 
a modern cluster house, 
has been finished and looks amazing in my opion...

"This amazing family home with materials, levels and inbuilt, tailor-made furniture creating
a minimal yet warm and secluded feeling. The house gracefully embraces the hill side terrain, 
merging with its surroundings in a humble and natural manner."

                                                                                                                                             photos Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen


Artilleriet news - SS2018

"A forgotten house, Vrångsholmen was once built as a safe haven for saving children from the 
dangers of city life by being raised in a healthy rural environment.
 But times changed. Later the house was rescued by an artistic association and today creativity  
permeates the house. Welcome to explore some of our items curated in this context.ut times changed. 
Later the house was rescued by an artistic association and today creativity  permeates the house.
Welcome to explore some of our items curated in this context."

 A beautiful old house and the most beautiful new home furnishings...

After their amazing campaign for Christmas (see here) Swedish company 
Artilleriet has released new pictures of their latest design news for
 Spring 2018 and I just loved the inspiring images filled with
 beautiful details in these amazing dreamy surroundings...

Shared some of my favorites below with my number one crush for this moment:

the cloud 19 lamp by Apparatus Studio (2) but also the black Pallo vase (1) 
 the black schooley lamp by Mark Eden (3) the Censer by Apparatus Studio and the
 Crinkle throw by Hay (5). Beautiful and timeless items that would fit perfectly
 in our homes, dont you think so? 


Creative and stylish | workspacelove

Just admired this stunning creative workspace at the 
home of stylist  Anna Lenskog Belfrage seen at livet hemma
 and I loved the inspiring styling work... 

I'm thinking about changing my shelves,  so when I saw the used shelf from 
the Ypperlig collection (the collaboration  between IKEA and HAY) ,  
I was attracted immediately!  I just love the warm, stylish and minimal design and 
in my opion the shelf fits in many interiors,  dont you think so? 
What's not to love at these images? 

Just a perfect start of this new work week...   have a happý one!
                                                                                                                              photos: Ragnar Omarsson


This must be the place - Pia Ulin

A little while ago I 've got my eye on the new book of photographer 
Pia Ulin (based in Sweden)  I read about "this must be the place" last August
at the blog of Lotta Agaton and the way she described the book it had to be a 
very beatiful and personal book, designed to perfection by the Studio.

Last holidays I finally could admire it myself after I was gladly surprised 
with this very inspiring book for Christmas! Besides the very'
 attractive cover (i have this thing with covers...) I cant stop admiring
 the images and discover more about her life and the places she lived. 

"Pia Ulin has documented her home-history (26 homes) throughout her 52 years of moving around. The homes are big and small and stretches from Stockholm, Los Angeles, Gotland, New York and some other remote places in the world. She has also included some clothing connected to some of the homes."

                                                                                                                                                           photos/styling elvs


a part of a context - stylinglove

 Our products get alive when they become a part of a context, when they take place in someone's life
Hillevi Magnell - Designer

Already saw some photos on their instagram in December
but since I discoverd more images at the porfolio 
I keep admiring these beautiful styled images for design studio

Love their beautiful inspiring stylingwork and the
 stunning furniture of this new Danish brand,  
that makes me more intrigued and even more greedy!

                                                                                                                     photos Emile Laye


Happy new year

| from blush to burgundy... The new Palette |

 My new year couldn't start better than with the new work from
Lotta Agaton for H&M home, just loved the harmonious soft 
atmosphere created by the mix of different shades of pink,  the warm neutral
 tones (as the wood and the concrete) and the stylish accessories 

For this Spring Season Campaign 2018 Lotta worked with a wonderful team, 
consisting of Therese Sennerholt (art director) and photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt
which inspired me from the first moment I saw these images!

After a great year full of beautiful things that happened, new possibilities,
travelling, friendships and lot's of inspiration I'm looking forward for 
new opportunities and great moments... 

I wish you all the best for 2018, have a fantastic happy new year! 


Christmas time

 Really looking forward to spend Christmas and the rest of the
 happy holidays together with my family and friends...
Great days that will be filled with with cosy moments,  lot's of fun and
some time to relax and charche energy for new plans and adventures...

wish you all a Merry Christmas dear friends, 
hope you and your loved ones will have a wonderful time!